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Saturday, February 11, 2006

From behind enemy lines…

Okay – so, I’m on the e-mail list of the Family Research Council… no, I haven’t suddenly gone insane… I’m actually on the mailing lists for a number of groups that would surprise you… it happens when you want to view some report on their website and they require you to register to be able to view it…

So – I wanted to view the FRC’s congressional scorecard – and, because I had to give them an e-mail address to register, I ended up on their mailing list.

Interesting vitriol from time to time – so I decided not to unsubscribe… It is sometimes important to know what the enemy are coming up with before the “fit hits the sham” as they say…

So – In an e-mail dated 2/10/06, Tony Perkins has a little write-up about the relaxed guidelines for religious observance at the Air Force Academy:

A Wing and a Prayer

The U.S. Air Force has relaxed its guidelines on prayer. No longer will Christians who serve as Air Force chaplains be cautioned against praying in the name of Jesus at military ceremonies. (Praying in Jesus' name at military worship services had never been affected.) The latest guidelines continue to urge commanders to be "sensitive to the potential" that personal statements of faith may be interpreted as government endorsement of religion. The new guidelines affirm the Constitution's free exercise and free speech guarantees and advance the idea that expressions of faith--barring any evidence of coercion--are fully protected. The Rev. Ted Haggard, president of the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE), welcomed the new Air Force guidelines. Dr. Haggard's New Life Church is a neighbor to the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colo. Dr. Haggard sees the new Air Force policy as fully respectful of minority rights while not infringing on the rights of majorities. Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC), however, said the Air Force needs to move further to assure that chaplains can pray in the name of Jesus. Air Force Academy graduate Mikey Weinstein is not happy. He said the requirement that senior officers must make it "reasonably clear" they are not coercing their subordinates when they share their personal faith does not go far enough. "Get out of my face, sir, is not an option," Weinstein said. Mr. Weinstein, a lawyer, is suing the Air Force. That is his right. But we will continue to defend our rights. And praying in the name of Jesus is surely one of them.

Additional Resources
Air Force Revises Guidelines on Religion

For those of you who need a little backgrounder on the issue – check out Talk2Action’s Lorie Johnson, and an early diary of hers.

What really bothers me is a quote from Ted Haggard:

"Dr. Haggard sees the new Air Force policy as fully respectful of minority rights while not infringing on the rights of majorities."

Umm… the majority and minority have different rights in this country??

And here I thought I lived in America, where everyone has equal rights…



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