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Monday, January 30, 2006

From behind enemy lines - 1/30/06

From the FRC e-news:

“Ronald Reagan used to say he wouldn't go over the cliff with flags flying--just to prove a point. Those wise words seem wasted on Senate Democrats these days. Liberal advocacy groups are pulling out all the stops. Die in the ditch, jump off the cliff, throw a tantrum, how many ways can we describe their futile filibuster plans? Not all Democrats buy into this strategy. Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) says that his party needs "to do a much better job in making the case [to Americans] on these issues." It will be interesting to see if Obama sticks with these commonsense observations--or will they be taken to the liberal woodshed by left-wing bloggers? This entire discreditable episode shows Americans a party captive to its far-left fringe.”

“Captive to its far-left fringe”?? How about the GOP being captive to its far-right fringe… but that’s okay huh? Because that’s what the average everyday American wants... right?



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