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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Real People - Real Commentary

3 women on the salad bar line at a local restaurant…

Female #1 makes the comment that the TV show “Commander in Chief” is the “liberal media’s” way of “softening us up” for having Hilary as president…

Female #2 says "Oh, yes" they’re trying to get us “used to the idea of a female president”…

Female #1 says she doesn't like the idea of a female president at all

Female #2 felt that a female president would be okay, just not Hillary

Female #3 said she didn’t like the idea of “that actress” as president, and wouldn't vote for her… she continued with comments about how "actresses can’t become president, they don’t have the skills"…

Ummm - first - are we forgetting about Ronald Regan, Jesse Ventura, Sonny Bono, or Arnold? (or perhaps the idea was more that actresses don't have the ability, but actors do...)

Second - From the way she talked, it sounded like she was thinking Geena Davis was going to run for President... Are we confusing fantasy & reality people? (The third woman honestly seemed to think that Geena Davis is playing herself, as compared to a character…)

Third - I am constantly surprised by women who think that women have less skills and abilities as men... I just don't get the psychology of thinking of yourself as "lesser" of a person, especially based upon your gender, as compared to your skills...

I can say that I'm a poor soccer player compared to my husband, because I'm not that good at playing soccer, and he used to coach a soccer team... but I would find it difficult to claim I was a poor soccer player simply because I am a girl...

Does anyone know of any sources where I can research self-hate of this sort?

-Emily, perplexed


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