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Sunday, June 04, 2006

An e-mail in response to the dream...

A visitor who wishes to remain anonymous wrote:


I have a question about your prophetic dream about Bush.

When you see your prophetic dreams, does it come true 100% the same way you dream it?
The dream sounds a lot like a video game, called Shattered Union.
You should look at this, it parallels your dream almost exactly.

What or who do you think is the source of your prophetic dream?


Hi - thanks for the question.

My "prophetic dreams" rarely play out 100% the same way I dream it... it is usually the themes and concepts in my dream that happen - not the exact context that the "movie in my brain" is playing out... I will often have recurring episodes of the dream where some details change, but the main ideas stay the same...

For instance with the description of the dream I have posted - I've had followup dreams about my friend who is arrested... with additional and different details about why she was arrested and what happened to her during her incarceration...

I don't actually think she herself would be arrested and held indefinitely like in my dream - but she is politically active, and I know that my dream indicates a concern for consequences of her involvement - but also that her character is a "representative figure" - standing in for others who might be in that situation... my mind wanted to express the turmoil of having an activist friend or family member in this situation, and therefore chose the most likely "victim" in my own personal circle...

I interpret the dream as my mind saying that it thinks there could be a time coming in the future where political activists (who act against the majority thought) are considered risks to our country's leadership, and are therefore subject to harassment and civil rights abuses... (In fact, some would argue this is already happening)

And this gets into the "source" of the dreams... As I said in my post - I don't believe these to be anything "supernatural" or otherwise unusual... I probably shouldn't even term them prophetic, but that's what several friends of mine call them, and I've picked up the term. (I suppose I think of it as poetic :)

I know that my mind is wired in such a way as to be overly sensitive to minutiae - subtle body language, trends and patterns, etc... Just as dreams for everyone else are the result of their brains processing thoughts and actions from their waking lives - and their resulting dreams may hold insights, warnings, or conclusions based on things going on in their lives... my brain is just sorting through the minutiae data I have picked up on... Eventually, my mind concieves of a pattern to this input, and it comes out as a dream that has implications in the real world...

Thanks for the link - I look forward to taking a look at the site when I get a moment... I wouldn't be at all surprised that someone else has come up with the same or similar "pattern recognition" as I have... as I said - I believe I'm only reading and interpreting the "handwriting on the wall"... others could also be doing the same - and I wonder if the creation of the video game is not similar to the writing of the book 1984 - meant to express fears of a negative future, so that it can be avoided...



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