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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Some questions I've been asked...

Since I don't know how to edit comments and then publish them (I think we get "publish" or "reject" options only here...) - I'm responding to some folks' comments to me in this forum...

Apparently you know you've made it when you start to get hate mail... {smiles ruefully}

I've gotten a few choice comments to my "A question of morals" piece which I refuse to publish on grounds of abusive language.

However, some of the questions (or, more accurately, accusations) are valid ones, and I wish to respond. I list below edited versions of these questions, and my answers:

How can you support the lies they spew at Talk2Action?
The obvious disclaimer is that I don't always agree 100% with everything that everyone says on the site. That should be apparent to anyone who has participated in a public forum.
I do however agree with T2A's site guidelines, and the general theme of the site.
I know - because I have personally experienced it - that there are Dominionist Christians** in this world that are spreading hate in the visage of religiosity.

**Please note that my use of the term Christian here is not to be confused with your regular Christian folks, evangelical or otherwise, who are perfectly happy letting the rest of the world live as they wish. Dominionist Christianity is an extreme form of the religion (and many would claim that it is expressely NOT Christian because it is so warped) that intends to remake the world as a theocracy and disallow conflicting religious thought and enforce this using extreme measures, including death to heretics...

Why do you hate/fear Christians so much?
As I said above, I think we are probably using two different definitions of Christian here... You're talking about mainstream Christianity, and I'm talking about Dominionism...
Being Jewish, I'm obviously going to fear someone who is actively out to make my religion illegal to practice, or worse, kill me and my family...
I'll also restate a quip I made before - I hate hate... If you're in the business of rousing support for inequality or intolerance, then yes, I hate that... I can't say I hate you - that's such a strong thing to say about someone you've never met... but I can say that I hate what you stand for...

I think I might have to also start explaining more about where I'm coming from in the world. (Future Blog entries forthcoming...) For someone raised in this era, and especially in the greater Northeast of this country, I have personally experienced a lot of prejudice, especially as a child. I think that this has made me extremely sensitive to what it is like to be in the minority.

Why aren't you posting my comments?
I'm not trying to stifle "free speech" here - but I also am not about to post a comment that is actively bashing me on an ad hominem basis... also, I will not post foul language!

If/when you can speak normally and respectfully, I will, in fact, post comments that are "challenging" and in disagreement with me.

Otherwise - I'm stuck doing what I'm doing now...

Thanks for listening,


Anonymous t r wexler said...

Ouch, sweetie! You said you got "commentary"... You didn't tell me you were getting hate mail!!

10:32 AM, June 12, 2006


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