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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Diary of the Future... 12/12/06

Well - Cori certainly had a bad day today...

She rode past the house this afternoon on her bike while I was attempting to cement back a piece of molding that had fallen off the side of the car. She asked me which pharmacy we used, as she was looking for a new one.

Something seemed to be bothering her, so, abandoning the adhesive that wasn't working well in the cold, I invited her in for some tea...

It seems that she had had a triple whammy day... First, one of her professors is upset with her... She is taking comparative religions, and he had assigned the class to write a report about the origin of Christmas. Cori wrote about the pagan roots of the holiday, and she got her report turned back with a nasty note about her "making false statements" about Christianity, and that she should check other sources and hand in a new "corrected" report... She is also worried that she is going to be fired from her part-time job at the Book Nook on Main St. The owner is upset with the manager because he allowed a special order of a book concerning the study of witchcraft... because Cori was the one who wrote up the order, and the manager approved it, the both of them are having a "meeting" tomorrow with the owner about the "incident".

Cori's really upset about the whole Book Nook thing too... She can deal with the professor - she's always known he was "an ass" as she put it, but she really likes working at the Book Nook, and especially likes how the store has always been willing to order _anything_ in the past (not to mention her generous employee discount)... Neither she nor the manager have any idea why the owner would be so upset over it... they've special ordered soft porn before... why is a Witchcraft book suddenly more controversial than that?

And, if that wasn't enough - she stopped at the pharmacy on the way home, and got told by the pharmacist that they wouldn't fill her birth control pill prescription, because it was immoral and against their religious beliefs! And she's not using the pills for contraception, but for a medical condition... the nerve! Ugh, I can't believe how fast our little corner of the world has changed since that "character restoration" referendum...

So I gave Cori the number for the Walgreen's, and she's had her doctor call in new prescriptions there... Oy! What a hassle!

As for my world - it was a normal week... at least as normal as you can get around here these days...

Christmas decorations everywhere... makes it really obvious who doesn't celebrate... and for the first time since I was a child, that makes me nervous...


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