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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Christian Persecution?

Replying To:
Reasonable Accomodation
By pastordan
on www.talk2action.org

A quote: "a distinction between the lack of a positive affirmation of religion and a restriction"

An attitude problem I am seeing from the Christian Right is that for them there is NO distinction between a neutral stance to religion (lack of positive affirmation of any religion) and a direct attack on their form of Christianity. Any organization that takes a neutral stance is automatically persecuting them. For them, the only acceptable reaction from the public square is to promote Christian values. Anything less is interpreted as an attack.

Take a look at the whole "Merry Christmas" and "Happy Holidays" debate in the news lately. All these Christian Right folks are boycotting stores that say "Happy Holidays" because they are not acknowledging Christmas. Who said anyone had to acknowledge a holiday? I don't get upset if someone doesn't wish me a happy Thanksgiving, or happy 4th of July... or what about National Pickle Day?

To them the acknowledgement of _all_ the holidays that fall at this season is somehow persecution against Christmas (and Christians)... But to me - doesn't "Happy Holidays" include Christmas? Or, if you will follow their own logic - not wishing someone a Happy Hanukkah would be persecution of Hannukah and the Jews....

That's why - whenever someone wishes me a "Merry Christmas" I'll respond with "and a Happy Hannukah to you!"


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