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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

DefCon Blog: "Season's Greetings"

In the immortal words of Oscar the Grouch - I Hate Christmas!
It's not the holiday that is so bad - I actually enjoy spending time with Christian friends, and celebrating with them. It's a very nice holiday when done "correctly"... It's the whole "Christmas Season" that I have a problem with...
For example - when did Thanksgiving become an extension of Christmas? And why do we start with the decorations and celebrations right after (or in some places, even before!) Halloween? And of course, what comes along with this extended celebratory season is the assumption that everyone celebrates! That's what really gets to me.

Anyway - I don't have to say anything more... just read this:


The comments at the bottom are great too. I was going to post a response, but then the post by John McGinn says everything I would have...

-Emily Wynn


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