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Friday, November 11, 2005

Diary of the Future... 11/20/06

Dear Diary – I’m still shocked and dismayed… I can’t believe this happened. Remember when I wrote on Election Day that there was this referendum on the ballot that I didn’t realize was going to be there? And how no one else seemed to know about it either? And remember when I wrote about how the news only picked up on it after the elections were over?

I have spent the last few days in the company of a small group of protesters, trying to overturn the results of the election on this issue. At this point, our work has been to no avail. So, we are moving to try and raise awareness in the community to get people to fight against any weird laws that might be enacted due to the drastic political landscape change.

Unfortunately, it appears we will all need to come up with some community solutions to keep us all “legal” until we can figure out how to change things…

The local governmental officials who have just been elected want to “hit the ground running” even before they officially are sworn into office… they are pushing the current council to impose new laws based on the referendum by Christmas. The new head of city council wants this especially because he feels it would be a good morale booster ahead of the holiday – to get everyone “in the mood” to celebrate Christmas.

So – since we now are in a “godly community” according to the referendum – the first thing the new city council wants to do is to enforce “Sabbath Sunday” rules – like all businesses in the community being closed all day, and encouraging that all residents attend some kind of religious activity on Sunday mornings.

Oh My God (pun intended)!

I just can’t believe this… the president of our civic association is really pleased about all this. She wants to create a “neighborhood watch”… but the problem is, this watch group would not only watch the neighborhood, but also go door to door on Sundays to be sure that everyone was heading out to Church… at least once the new rules are in place…
I suppose I could enroll Talia in Hebrew School along with Marcus – she’s young, but they do have that new pre-k group… I was trying to save a bit of money by not sending her until she started school, but if spending the money means that our community is fooled into thinking we’re “going to church”, then so be it (I’d rather not get into the discussion with President Patricia that our Sabbath is on Saturday)… Sam and I will stay at morning minyan, and the kids will be in class… it’s a religious activity and on Sunday, so no one can complain… (hopefully!)

Anyway – it’s time for me to go to bed.


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